The Harvest

The Harvest

Official Whitepaper. All contents are subject to change.
The future of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) awaits with a fast-paced midcore 3D TPS (Third Person Shooter) based on teamplay mechanics that have been designed for massive audiences, being easy to play but hard to master.


A planet called O’Ree-Jin has been discovered, and when the civilizations of the 4 surrounding planets discover that this deserted planet contains the Essence of Life, everyone will travel to the planet to harvest that essence. They will have to fight as teams of 3 heroes against the others to be the team with the most essence harvested. And that team who rises to victory will take control of the universe's essence. There will be a total of 4 teams who will compete to harvest the essence from the planet in a symmetric map. Matches always last 10 minutes, and the team with more essence at the end of the time wins. Gameplay is based on shooting, mobility and using heroes' abilities, which will always be focused on teamplay.

Project Vision

The Harvest will be a full “AAA” MOBA shooter game that will serve as a shining example of real in-game governance by players and token holders. By supporting multiple crypto communities through a multichain framework, we will cater to millions of players and a variety of project collaborations in a single metaverse where the players will be allowed to exercise governance and to have true ownership and control of their in-game assets (such as hero’s skins, cards, user identity items, virtual lands and game currencies) thanks to the use of fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The game world of The Harvest will integrate with a variety of media channels for a full transmedia storytelling experience. Players will discover the story of the heroes and civilizations of The Harvest through gameplay, books, comics, anime, and NFT collectible merchandise.
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