The Harvest will be distributed through traditional platforms such as Steam, as well as through blockchain-specific launchers like Elixir. The game will be fully free-to-play.
Player interaction with the blockchain layer will be purely optional. We want players to be able to enjoy most, if not all, of the game contents for free without ever having to engage with wallets, NFTs or other blockchain elements. We strongly believe NFTs are a welcome addition, as they allow engaged players to trade in open marketplaces.
There will, however, be rewards (such as skins, other cosmetics, and currencies) for players who do interact with NFTs.
Upon first login, the game will create a custodial wallet for all users. This is a blockchain-enabled wallet that allows players to hold their NFTs. If a player wants to transfer their NFTs or other currencies from their official The Harvest wallet into a personal wallet, they can of course do so.