Game Engine & Backend Technology

The engine chosen to develop The Harvest is Unreal Engine 5. It is a widely spread engine used for video game development (if not the de-facto standard for PC and console games.) Its support in all areas of video game development — from audio to physics simulations, visual effects, etc. plus its advanced graphics rendering capabilities, made it a no-brainer choice for developing The Harvest.
We have gone a step further by developing our own Shooter Framework as an extension to the engine. In the framework we have developed a robust and long-lasting networking layer for the real-time multiplayer synchronisation aspects of the game. In addition, we have implemented an ability system (based on our own Entity-Component System) in order to ease and streamline the development of game character abilities or behaviours, like Alith’s Quantum Blade or Duke’s Rocket Launcher.
The implementation of our own Shooter Framework serves two purposes: to customise the development with the engine to our needs and to develop a future-proof framework to be used in any sequel of The Harvest (or any other shooter game, for that matter.)
As for the backend technology, all will be developed with the same mindset. There will be a Shooter Framework Backend with generic functionality like login and authentication, matchmaking (including friends and lobby system), player inventory persistence, etc. All these features will be implemented with a combination of our own developments and the use of third-party software.
Deployment and spinning of game servers will happen on a hybrid infrastructure of bare metal servers and cloud services, in order to keep a tight cost control while providing a smooth game experience during high demand usage peaks.