Game Currencies

EOL (Essence of Life)

EOL is a soft currency earned through regular gameplay. It will be obtained as match rewards, in orbs acquired from leveling up the player's account, and can also be purchased in limited quantities in the in-game shop.

EOL is used primarily to level up Hero Cards.


Ore is a hard currency which can be purchased in the in-game shop, can be found in orbs acquired from leveling up the player's account and can also be obtained through end-of-season league rewards.

Ore is used to upgrade Common cards to Uncommon cards, to buy Ability Cards and cosmetic items in the in-game shop and for card Crystallization.

$HAR (The Harvest Token)

$HAR is the only blockchain token. $HAR can be used in the game's web marketplace to purchase game items, cosmetics and entry into communtiy events. It can be obtained by playing with Premium cards.

In the web marketplace, $HAR will also be usable as an alternative to Ore.

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