Hero Cards

Heroes allow players to choose their playstyle — they can choose a beefy tank, a patient sniper or perhaps a healer to support their team. To provide an additional layer of customization, The Harvest has a unique twist: Hero Cards. Hero Cards allow even further customization. These cards can be acquired and levelled up as players progress through the game.

Players will need to create a deck of ten hero cards before starting each match. Every time a hero levels up in-game, they will draw two cards from their deck and choose one of them to equip. The other card will be discarded. Heroes can level up a maximum of five times per game — therefore, from the total of ten cards, up to five of them can be equipped during a game.

All cards have two major gameplay impacts. First, cards will increase in-game hero attributes according to the numeric values of the slots in the card’s bottom portion. For example, a card might give +100 Health Points, +30 Attack and +30 Defense. These values will increase every time the card gets upgraded (see more about the card upgrading systems in the 'Card Progression' section).

Secondly, cards have an effect, explained by accompanying text. This effect will always be the same regardless of the level of the card. There are two different types of cards: Passive and Active. Active cards' effects are applied only when the player presses a certain hotkey, while Passive cards' effects are always turned on and don't require manual activation.

According to the card’s scarcity (total available supply) and effect complexity, it can have different Rarities: Common (Gray Frame), Uncommon (Black Frame), Rare (Blue Frame), Epic (Purple Frame), Legendary (Golden Frame), Promotional (Red Frame), Secret (Transparent Frame) and Championship (White Frame).

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