The Harvest is a third-person shooter with MOBA and PvP elements. In each match, four teams of three heroes each compete to harvest essence, level up, and control respawn points. The winning condition is having the largest amount of essence when the match timer expires.

Before each match, players select their hero and equip it with ten hero cards. As they level up within each match, players must choose five of the ten cards to be equipped, empowering their hero, adapting their playstyle to counter their opponents and building synergy with their team.

A Planet to Explore

Every hero arrives at the planet in a spaceship, and each team randomly starts in one of four different bases located at each corner of the map. Those heroes have been selected to be the chosen ones who travelled to the planet of O’Ree-Jin, and their goal now is to harvest as much essence as they can. As players gather essence, their team levels up. Each level comes with a decision — one of two cards will be displayed, and players must choose one to equip, and one to forfeit.

Core Gameplay

There are four teams with three players each. Each player represent a battle unit tasked with several missions:

  • Capturing neutral essence extractors after killing defending NPC’s

  • Defending captured extractors with allied NPC’s

  • Attacking enemy extractors, stealing essence from the opposing teams

  • Defeating NPCs, earning essence and providing team power ups

  • Killing enemy players

  • Defeating the planet's most feared defender, Myrapod

When a player dies, they will be able to respawn automatically in the closest respawn point - either their starting base, or a captured essence extractor. This means teams must decide to spread out and capture several extractors at once, or team up and move together, more easily eliminating enemies.

A boss will spawn at around 6 minutes into the match, giving a huge essence boost to the team that gives the killing shot.

At 10 minutes, the match will be over and the team with the most essence wins the match!

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