The Origins

In a remote corner of the Universe, in a time beyond history... There is a planet unlike any other.

This place is known by many as O’Ree-Jin. O’Ree-Jin contains the remains of one of the most advanced civilizations to ever inhabit the Universe, and probably the first one to do so.

This ancient planet has been inaccessible for most of its existence due to immensely powerful currents of energy that coalesce on the outer layers of the atmosphere, creating the most astounding vista in the galaxy. Its orbit is a melting pot of vessels, satellites and space stations from different eras — brought there by the greatest galactic civilizations across the Universe, waiting patiently for the planet’s atmosphere to open.

While O'Ree-Jin has many interesting qualities, perhaps the most interesting is the planet's cortex, which exudes the most precious substance in the cosmos. Some scientists call this protean substance the essence of life, while others claim that it is the very fabric of reality in its primal form. Upon discovery, every cilization has set out to amass this substance, process it and use it for whatever purpose their imagination deems fit. Granting elongated life, benign and powerful mutations, this essence may replicate any form, be it organic or synthetic. All in all, it is the clay from which everything else is built.

As tends to happen with all important things in existence, the acquisition of this substance comes associated with a most dangerous path. O'Ree-Jin is a zealous protector of its precious bounty, but upon occasion those who brave its dangerous surface may be rewarded. The planet opens itself at seemingly undetermined intervals and for an undetermined span of time. These brief windows of time become hectic with activity as bands of warriors and adventurers lunge themselves to the planet’s surface and battle to the death to attain as much of the substance as possible. These warriors are among the most exalted heroes of each civilization. They build short-lived alliances between one another, becoming agents of death and chaos as they fight to attain the substance. The substance extraction is unique, as the best way to conserve it is through living tissue. As such, battling heroes become a living canister full of an all-empowering substance. Along O’Ree-Jin’s surface, heroes find vestiges of essence extraction machinery (EEM) still functioning, making this the main focus of their harvesting.

Another way of harvesting this substance exists, by harvesting it from the bodies of fallen opposing heroes. This process has existed for centuries, and will for centuries to come — a brutal practice known as The Harvest.

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