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The Ascendancy

The Ascendancy began their history as beings of pure energy. Their nature produced a unique way of perceiving matter, time and space. It also lent them an innate ability to manipulate light and, through it, matter, cognition and emotion. Their advancements in light manipulation and optogenetics allowed them to self-actualize their physique. This is the primary reason Ascendants can show themselves in completely different physiques from one encounter to another.
Their way of life is their way to envision matter and perception. An Ascendant is always concerned with beauty, form and colour. This functions for both physical and emotional matters. The innate synesthesia of an ascendant enables the perception of emotion as light and colour. An Ascendant is always concerned with "painting" matter, cognition and emotion to fit certain canons that only another Ascendant may understand. As such, the Ascendancy are known to be the most artistically literate people in the galaxy. They find incommensurable pleasure in the act of creation and the sharing of those creations. The search for pleasure and beauty for the Ascendants, as well as their ability to manipulate matter and emotion, has harboured quite the reputation as mating partners across the galaxy. Their whole life, the gender and sex of Ascendants are liquid and constantly changing to adapt to their desires and that of their mates. For this reason, the act of mating is inherently beautiful for an Ascendant as it paints their perception with a unique palette of colors exclusive to the bond created at that moment. The Ascendancy does not have a centralized authority. All ascendants participate in a form of positive anarchism based on "mutualism". From the Ascendant's point of view, order may only arise once every actor in society exercises their wishes and only their wishes. Despite all, the Ascendancy contemplates life as the collective achievement of pleasure. This is why among the ascendants there is an innate drive to act on mutual desire, as pleasure is shared and becomes a practical and beneficial political act. One may think that a society like this may not find the need to use force or violence. But he truth is — the Ascendancy is quite belligerent with anyone and anything that may hinder their means to attain pleasure. For this reason, the Lumen Camarillas have an important role in Ascendancy matters. The Camarillas are self-organized commandos with the sole intent of affecting inter-species business. Their main purpose is that of facilitating the Ascendancy people's desires, although they may act upon other races' wishes when required.
Like the Ascendancy itself, the Camarillas are quite anarchic in practice. A Camarilla may emerge around any given "Lumen". A Lumen is a masterful creator and alterer of light and matter, as well as an expert in the art of strategy, combat espionage and politics. The Lumen may recruit other ascendants — and even members of other races — to create a specialized group to partake in war, espionage or assasination. In the eyes of other Ascendants, a Camarilla is like a troupe of artists specialized in forceful confrontation. Though to others, a Camarilla is, in the end, a group of mercenaries that may act under contract or upon their Lumen leader's desires.