Premium Cards

  • Starting Level: 10 -> Maximum Level: 20.

  • All card rarities above Common are Premium cards. These include Uncommon (Black Frame), Rare (Blue Frame), Epic (Purple Frame), Legendary (Golden Frame), Promotional (Red Frame), Secret (Transparent Frame) and Championship (White Frame).

  • Premium cards have limited supply — once the maximum amount of a certain Premium card has been earned by players, it will never be created or distributed by the game again. Players will then need to trade with other players to obtain these cards.

  • In order to level up Premium cards, players will need to spend EOL (Essence of Life), a currency obtained in-game by playing matches.

  • Players will need to combine a Premium card with another card of the same name to unlock leveling up after level 15 (max level is 15 before that). The combined card will be lost.

  • The attribute slots for Premium cards are defined randomly, from a pre-set pool of 3 attributes per card. This means a card might have +ATK, +DEF and +HP as attributes in slots 1-3, while another card with the same name might have +HP, +ATK and +DEF, the same 3 attributes, but in different slots.

  • Stats will be highest on slot 1, followed by slots 2 and 3 respectively.

  • As with Common cards, upgrading a card will only affect attribute values (for example, from +10 ATK to +20 ATK). The Effect of the card, however, will not be upgraded.

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